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Profile: Animal Emergency Service

How a thriving business cut out the noise and upped the ante with a whole new game plan

Australia is a dedicated land of pet lovers. According to the RSCPA, we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with 62 per cent of households owning pets which equates to more than 24 million animals.

More than a decade ago, Brisbane-based vets Dr Rob Webster and Dr Simon Lemin recognised there was a particular need for emergency out-of-hours vet care and bought the business The Animal Emergency Service (AES)

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What is an Integrator?

If you haven’t read the previous blogs about Visionaries and Integrators, please take a moment to read them first to get essential context for this article:

Visionaries and Integrators - Part 1: Why Both are Essential
Visionaries and Integrators - Part 2: What is a Visionary?

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What is a Visionary?

One of the most powerful EOS tools is the Accountability Chart. It’s powerful because it crystallises the right structure and illustrates all available seats in your organisation. In addition, it clarifies who reports to who and who is accountable for what.

All that said, it also illuminates the Visionary and Integrator roles sitting atop the major functions of your business. An organisation has a Visionary about 50 percent of the time, and it must have an Integrator 100 percent of the time.

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