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A common frustration for those in the coaching and consulting "game" is that while they are intensely passionate about what they do, they often end up doing it mostly alone. That's why the support of the EOS Implementer Community is so appealing; while being able to adopt a proven and turn-key business model that ensures great results for clients, they have an additional level of reward from the support of other like-minded people who just want to help their clients and each other.

EOS is an incredibly simple system for building a great business, but that doesn't mean that it is easy. There's nothing easy about helping human beings to abandon their egos, their fears and dysfunctional habits in exchange for new, healthy, functional habits.

Under the guidance and support of the collaborative Community, passionate entrepreneurs are mentored to become masterful EOS Implementers who transform leadership teams that can then build strong, healthy, functional businesses.

Members of the EOS Worldwide Implementer Community experience:

  • Support
  • Insight
  • Collaboration

Every quarter, imagine a room filled with entrepreneurs pursuing mastery together, all coming with the desire to give and help each other. Everyone leaves lifted, sharpened and ready to deliver more value in sessions with leadership teams.

Weekly collaborative calls, a private online forum and 1:1 coaching help you grow your business with the least amount of trial and error bumps and bruises.

You're recognised as being an expert, but most importantly you feel like you're part of a family. Learn more about our worldwide standards.

EOS Worldwide has built a collaborative, worldwide community of EOS Implementers dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.

Most Professional EOS Implementers are entrepreneurs and executives who successfully exited their companies, or are professional business coaches -- and share a passion for helping other leaders get what they want from their businesses.


What is it like to be part of the EOS Implementer community?

It is encouraging to know that you aren't on your own in what can be a somewhat isolating profession. Having people who you can learn from and share ideas with speeds up the collective development and growth of the community.

Daniel Williams

Rarely can an engaged community of professionals be achieved in the way EOS does it. We have built a strong bond on our core values that creates a camaraderie that many would envy. Knowing I have genuine, fun and smart people around me provides great comfort and new friendships.

Roger Vertannes

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