Launching Our Relationship: Shadforth Financial Group and EOS APAC

By Francesca Lever | EOS APAC Integrator on May 30, 2018

SFG-860979-editedOn Wednesday 9th May 2018, EOS Asia Pacific and Shadforth Financial Group launched our national relationship. It was a fantastic evening of celebration with 50 of our clients, people, partners and friends.

A relationship is defined as "the way in which two things are connected". So, I hear you ask, how are our two organisations connected?

The answer is simple. By our values. By our purpose. By our people. By our clients.

This relationship has been built on the foundation of personal connections, and a keen observation of positive experiences being had by shared clients -- from both sides. And it all started with a conversation about shared values.

As we discovered our aligned desire to make a difference in the lives of our clients, and explored nature of each others' value propositions and engagement processes, the idea of what could be possible came to fruition. Now we are able to make it a reality and drive it forward with the purpose of benefiting our clients. The event on Wednesday night was to formalise and celebrate the relationship. We send thanks to all those that joined us and made it a huge success.

The simplicity of the relationship is that Shadforth Advisers and EOS Implementers, throughout our national network in Australia, will be building trusted relationships; this is with the pure aim to that our shared clients can have access to the tools to make their vision reality, in business and in life.

As David Harvie, National Relationship Manager for SFG, so aptly described at the launch event, the purpose and passion behind Shadforth Financial Group is that they want people to believe again in the possibility to live the dream, and have the opportunity to facilitate experiences for themselves and their families.

As EOS Implementers, we help people to get what they want from their businesses, and we do that by helping leadership teams to gain traction. We are purposefully driven, because we know that the knock-on effect of that outcome is substantial; impacting the lives of their clients' own families, and more widely their employees and their families. Each and every day, there are countless lives being improved as a result of EOS.

It all boils down to this; we know that by being aligned together, we will be able to enable more individuals and organisations to clarify, simplify and achieve their vision.

Several people have asked me "what does this relationship mean to me?" The simplicity is this; there will just be more opportunities for us to help. Shadforth Advisers and EOS Implementers will be getting to know each other, and will start to intimately understand their respective services and processes. When appropriate, there can be an introduction made, and the steps taken from there are completely obligation-free and up to you.

On top of that, we'll getting clients and friends together periodically for some fun, like we did on Wednesday night, and that will be happening in cities around the country.

It's worthy to note that this is a "non-financial" relationship; it's simply a relationship. The motivation behind formalising it like this is purely to provide more opportunities to help our shared clients.

We sincerely hope that this relationship is the start of a wonderful experience for our clients and our people. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to David Harvie or myself.