The Secret Ingredient for Business Coaches

By EOSI Community Builder on May 30, 2018

Business isn’t easy. And for business coaches, it can be doubly difficult. Not only do you need to effectively help other companies grow, but you need to make your own business successful as well. And whilst your clients have you to help them achieve their goals, there’s usually no one to come alongside the business coach.

Ben Shapiro knows how that feels. “One of the hardest things that you battle as a business advisor or coach is that sense of going it alone,” he said. “Am I doing this right? Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing well (for my client), and am I doing MY business well?”

But since becoming a Professional EOS Implementer, Ben’s experience has been dramatically different.

A One-of-a-Kind Community for Business Coaches

EOS Implementers find a community unlike any other to help them succeed. “The greatest advantage of EOS is that you’re not alone; the EOS community is strong and vibrant and it looks out for one another and cares about each other,” Ben said. “The Implementers [coaches of the EOS methodology] live the core values of EOS, and they mean it!”

Fellow EOS Implementer Jodi Mackinnon agrees. “Frankly, I’ve been stunned by the EOS Implementer Community,” she said. “One of the values they have is ‘Help First.’ And as I’ve entered the community, I’ve been warmly welcomed.” Though the other Implementers are technically ‘competitors’, Jodi said that “many, many people have offered to provide help to me as I was getting my practice up and running.”

Ben affirms her experience. “People have reached out to me in the time that I’ve been an Implementer, and they’ve offered to help. They have gone out of their way to give me counsel about how to move forward—both with my own business, as well as the clients I’m working with. And when we get together for our collaborative events each quarter, I feel like I’m part of a family of people who care about the same things I do, who operate in the same way I do, who keep me sharp and strong and focused.”

A Depth of Business Wisdom

New Implementers are often impressed by the depth of wisdom available to them in the EOS community. Each quarter, EOS Implementers gather to exchange wisdom, best practices, to troubleshoot community issues. It serves to promote the open and honest dialog amongst the community, it gives Implementers a place to partner together, and to keep everyone on the same page. The experience and insight among Implementers at these quarterly meetings is unparalleled. “But you wouldn’t know it by just bumping into any of the Implementers on the street,” Jodi said. “They’re just very down-to-earth, very approachable.”

Business is hard, and no one can be successful when they are left to figure it out on their own. That’s especially true for those whose business it is to help other businesses succeed. “I really don’t think you can genuinely do it well by yourself,” Ben said. “I was a part of a number of peer groups before EOS, but the EOS community is head-and-shoulders above anything else I have experienced.”

Discover EOS for Implementers

EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, provides a complete, proven system that will help you maximise your impact, work efficiently with clients, and provide lasting results for greater business success.

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