What's Your 3-Year Picture?

By EOSI Community Builder on March 11, 2018

Take a minute to think about the following: Imagine yourself on this date, three years from now - in 2022. You are looking back to today. What steps have you taken over the last three years to see you living your “ideal life”?

Then, please answer this question. How would you define your "ideal life"? Would it be:

+ Doing what you love

+ With people you love

+ Making a difference

+ Being compensated appropriately

+ With time to pursue other passions

Sounds pretty ideal, right? Well, there are hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world living this life -- by intention, not by accident. It’s real.

It’s called the EOS Life, and it’s being lived by our growing community of Professional and Certified EOS Implementers.

Doing What You Love To Do

Most Professional EOS Implementers are entrepreneurs and leaders who have successfully exited their companies, or are professional business coaches -- and share a passion for helping other leaders get what they want from their businesses.

These Implementers discovered The Entrepreneurial Operating System when searching for simple, practical tools to help their clients gain "traction" in their businesses. Because EOS is a turnkey system, Implementers are able to focus on helping clients strengthen team health and solve issues, instead of creating their own IP, templates and processes, or doing "bits and pieces" work.

With People You Love To Be With

Professional and Certified EOS Implementers have access to a world-class core support team and a growing community of successful and like-minded entrepreneurs that are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses and love helping each other to become masters of the EOS tools, process and life.

Our community culture is defined by the core values we live by:

  • Humbly confident
  • Grow or die
  • Help first
  • Do the right thing
  • Do what you say

Making A Huge Difference

The EOS Process is designed to help get to the root cause and solve every issue the clients are experiencing -- literally transforming lives with a handful of simple, practical tools that have been used (and proven effective) in thousands of companies around the world.

Being Compensated Well

Professional EOS Implementers are appropriately compensated by the high-value they deliver, not by the number of hours logged. And they retain 100% of their session revenue.

With Time To Pursue Other Passions.

We have a bullet-proof process, and a continual focus on providing the highest impact and maximum results in the smallest amount of time, so Professional EOS Implementers find their time is freed up to devote to other priorities – like family and friends, travel or those long-lost hobbies!

Does This Sound Like Your Ideal Life?

Here at EOS APAC, we are devoted to finding, training, and supporting individuals who want to become masterful EOS Implementers and live the EOS Life.

If you think the EOS Life could be the "ideal life" you would like to build over the next 3 years and beyond, we would love to get to know you. Pease reach out for an open and candid discussion. 

Next Steps

+ Explore the Mentoring to Mastery journey

+ Use the EOS Implementer Personal Assessment tool to see if you're a fit