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Daniel Davis

Certified EOS Implementer

Service Area: Sydney

Daniel’s passion has always been business. From his first job at age 10, Daniel worked hard and went on to own his first business at the age of 21. He enjoyed the rewards that success can bring, relishing in multiple fruitful ventures in different industries; at 26 years old he had four businesses with multi-million dollar revenues and 70 staff.For a while it seemed like he had the “midas touch”, until Daniel made one critical error in business which cost him dearly both financially and personally, and he had to work hard to recover.

Having been through the roller coaster that can come with owning a business, Daniel found himself looking for answers. What does it really take to create a great business?

Daniel’s passion for business became something of an obsession, starting his journey on the search for the best business tools, around the world. Sharing his new-found knowledge with fellow business leaders became a purpose-fueled enterprise when he developed a business training company that helped over 300 companies across Australia to become more profitable, efficient and fun.

In 2014, Daniel read TRACTION and discovered EOS. Daniel loved what he read so much that he went on to become the first Certified EOS Implementer in Asia Pacific region.

Daniel’s obsession now is helping entrepreneurs to clarify, simplify and achieve their vision. Having delivered hundreds of full-day sessions with leadership teams, he is a master the EOS Process, Model and Tools.

Daniel has been trusted by the EOS Worldwide to expand the brand internationally, now growing the EOS Implementer community as the CEO of EOS APAC.

Australia is now home to a growing community of Professional EOS Implementers. This group of passionate local entrepreneurs work with leadership teams around the country every day to guide them to implement the EOS tools in the most effective way possible.

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