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Ed Turner

Professional EOS Implementer

Service Area: Central West NSW and Sydney

Ed was plucked from a budding banking & finance career in London by his father to return home to fulfil a promise and help build the family wine business, Frog Rock Wines. After 10 years he witnessed the rise and fall of the Australian wine industry, going from selling wine out of a tent in a paddock on the weekends to 5 years later selling wine on 4 continents with annual production growing from 500 cases to 60,000 cases at its peak.

Amid all this, he also setup a vineyard contract services business, a commercial composting business and established a contract vegetable growing operation supplying the likes of McDonalds, KFC & Subway, as well as building and running a carwash on the side for himself in his spare time. And somewhere amongst all that he got married and had 3 children.

With several of his own successful enterprises under his belt - as well as some failures that he learned from (with the battle scars to prove it) - Ed developed a desire to help other businesses avoid the mistakes that he had made and he wanted to share the lessons he'd learned. Ed thinned down his commitments to just one of the businesses and set out to help others; finally he found the simple power of the Entrepreneurial Operating System was the vehicle he had been looking for.

Ed lives for helping business owners develop the confidence and freedom to really feel in control of their business and their lives. Too often our companies come to control and define us, and it is Ed's vision to help business owners climb back into the driver's seat.

In his spare time Ed enjoys spending it with family and friends, reading, riding and Tae Kwon Do.

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