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Jodi Mackinnon

Professional EOS Implementer

Service Area: Gold Coast

For the last 25 years, Jodi has been managing Veterinary Practices in Queensland; the last 10 years of that time as Business Manager and Owner at one of the largest and most successful groups of Emergency Veterinary practices in Australia.

After attending a seminar where a presenter spoke about EOS, and recommended the book “Traction”, Jodi was quick to recognise the advantages of introducing EOS to her own workplace, which was rapidly outgrowing the existing structures that were in place -- they had "hit the ceiling".

Within 12 months of first discovering EOS, Jodi had fully applied the system throughout the business, and outstanding results followed in all areas: financial growth, increased productivity, client satisfaction, and team engagement.

Having worked in both small and large businesses, Jodi has a unique understanding of the challenges that business leaders face, and knows the importance of building a cohesive team that is focused on achieving a shared vision.

Jodi is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate of the simplicity of EOS, and a natural mentor, who is able to help leadership teams move to the next level of success, through clarification, simplification, and achievement of their vision.

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