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Karl Pisor

Professional EOS Implementer

Service Area: Japan; will travel to South Korea, SE Asia, Sydney, Auckland

Everyone in my family runs their own business. Parents, brother, aunts and uncles, grandparents—I thought that's what everyone did when they grew up! So at age 27 in Tokyo, I started my first business, an Internet design shop.

The freedom and purpose of running my own business...it was so exhilarating!

At the same time, it was exhausting. Every day came with a new set of problems. No one had ever taught me how to manage employees and develop new business and stay on top of cash flow. In a very short time, I began to feel adrift, unable to direct my thoughts and efforts.

Then, just two years after I began, I ended up losing everything in the Internet bubble of 2000. It was heartbreaking. I realized that passion was not enough, and that I needed to learn how businesses really worked.

I decided to leave Japan and work on an MBA at UC Berkeley. When I returned in 2003, I applied my new knowledge as a consultant, helping customers solve their toughest business problems. I spent the next 15 years doing project work in IT infrastructure, sales and marketing, and software development.

In 2017, I came across EOS. I knew immediately that the EOS toolkit and process would deliver amazing value to my clients. I trained as a Professional EOS Implementer in 2018, and I currently work with EOS clients in Tokyo and throughout Japan, in both English and Japanese.

Karl lives and works in Tokyo with his wife and two daughters.

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