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Roger Vertannes

Certified EOS Implementer

Service Area: Sydney

Roger has been immersed in and loved family business since the age of 17, working in his Father’s service stations and learning his first leadership lesson from his Dad: “Don’t ask someone to do something that you’re not prepared to do yourself”.

At 24, he worked with his eldest brother in his Air Cargo Company, learning international business and trade in Europe, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. In 1998, it was time for Roger to use those experiences to follow his passion for sport, which is when he co-founded Team Elite (UK) which fast became the leading physical education and sports coaching enterprise, with 15,000 members and schools. Roger and his two siblings sold the sports business in 2007.

To follow his entrepreneurial dreams, Roger moved his family from the UK to Sydney and qualified as a licenced business sales broker. He discovered how 80% of business owners, seven out of ten family-owned, didn’t have the know-how or tools to achieve their vision, so sadly, they missed out on maximising the value of their businesses. This staggering fact led Roger on a search for a way to truly help business owners, and that is his cause and passion today as a Professional EOS Implementer.

Now, Roger loves to combine his real-world experiences with EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System to help entrepreneurs clarify, simplify and achieve their vision.

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